Captain Obivious


Hello everyone. I am still working as retoucher in awesome FierceFrost team. Sorry, that I don't use LJ anymore.
But you are always welcome to see our latest works on our website —
Also you cand find me on Facebook — Mario AV

Below you can see portrait of our small team made by Ricardo Cavolo: me, bear and Mikola Savchuk (other very good retoucher)

Captain Obivious


Переделаю-ка я этот блог в «записки как-бы эммигранта».

За последние полгода со мной случилось довольно многое, как плохое, так и хорошее.
Худа без добра не бывает же, равно как и наоборот. Опыта приобрел зато много.

Прямо сейчас я нахожусь в Барселоне и мне тут очень нравится.

Captain Obivious


One month ago Shy solved to take part in IED scholarship 2011/2012 competition.
She created amazing shoes and a wonderful dress from almost nothing!
Materials she used were blinds and pasteboard.

Also Shy wrote an essay about her inspiration in her working process.
You can read it
here and vote her. Below I placed pictures we had taken then.
If you want to see large photos — welcome to my flickr.